Big Sky Stargazing
  • Big Sky Stargazing
Seasonal Night time Hrs
Weather Dependant
Telescope located near hotel
60 Min tour
High powered telescopes
Warm clothing essential

Big Sky Stargazing

Take a mesmerizing journey through the cosmos as you explore the wonders of the night sky, home to planets, stars and a whole other world we only dream about.

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Welcome to the World's largest  International Dark Sky Reserve, the 4367sq km Gold Status Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserves lays in the heart of the Mt Cook National Park.

Our experienced guides will introduce you to our beautiful southern night sky with a full hour using the naked eye, astro-binoculars and state of the art 14" and 11" astronomy telescopes. Unleash your imagination as you discover our neighbourhood in the universe including the southern cross, seasonal ecliptic objects, planets, stunning star clusters, moons, distant galaxies and even our very own galaxy, the spectacular Milky Way.

Experience The Unforgettable

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Experience a 360 Degree Planetarium, only one of 3 in all of NZ.

Should the Oceanic winds push low lying clouds through the Valley hiding the stars, the expert Stars team will take you on a flight through the galaxy in the comfort of the purpose built 360 Digital Dome Planetarium. One of only 3 planetariums in all of New Zealand, the 4K high definition images and moving galaxies will be controlled via state of the art technology designed to offer a live simulation of the night sky. Every night is an invitation to get up close and personal with the planets, the stars, the moon and satellites as they constantly move with Earth as we orbit in space.