Adult $25, Child $15 entry incl. museum entry
First movie currently starts at 10.00am, last movie of the day starts at 5.00pm
Check with our friendly team for current movie timetable
2D & 3D movies and dome shows available
Suitable for all ages
Wheelchair accessible

A unique cinematic experience right here, in the heart of Aoraki/Mount Cook.

Choose from an inspirational 3D cinematic experience or an informative and educational 2D documentary. Cinema shows are available to view throughout the day with most shows available in multiple sessions. Cutting edge technology allows the dome to raise while the 2D and 3D screen is in use.

Films include:

Mountain Rescuers: 2D Screen, 55 minutes

Follow the Mount Cook Search and Rescue team as they brave the elements to answer life-threatening emergency calls. Each year thousands of visitors around the world flock to Aoraki/Mount Cook. It's an attractive playground for adrenaline junkies. It is also one of the most dangerous alpine undertakings in the world. Within minutes the backdrop of clear blue skies can turn into a bubbling cauldron of gale force winds, driving snow and dense cloud.

Māori Legends: Digital Dome Show, 20 minutes

These award-winning theatrical animations
were created by OHU Domes and feature
recordings of traditional Māori instruments by Dr Richard Nunns, narration by Te Kohe Tuhaka, Tānea Heke, Rangimoana Taylor and
sound design by Dylan Storey.

Infinity Express: Digital Dome Show, 25 minutes

An exciting journey of discovery from the search of the solar system to the mapping of the universe. Laurence Fishburne elegantly narrates the production, in a remarkable blend of science, art, and entertainment.

Hillary on Everest: 2D Screen, 75 minutes

A candid documentary of the great mountain climber and explorer, Sir Edmund Hillary. He talks about his ascent of Mount Everest and other expeditions, his early years, Mount Cook and the death of his first wife and daughter.

Mount Cook Magic: 3D Screen, 20 minutes

Our cinema screen 3D movie immerses you in an exhilarating journey from the mystical Ngai Tahu Maori creation and legend of Aoraki/Mount Cook, to soaring with a Kea above the mountains and glaciers. Ski the Tasman Glacier, explore the crevasses and even accompany a climbing expedition.

Our Living Climate: Digital Dome Show, 28 minutes

The earth's climate is living. Since the planet was born, the climate has changed with the passage of time, the seasons and with the ebb & flow of life itself. Now our fragile climate faces a new crisis, one that threatens life from the highest of mountains to the ocean floor. Our Living Climate is a dramatic and different way to look at both climate and climate change. This story is about the greatest challenge of our time.

Phantom of the Universe: Digital Dome Show, 30 minutes

Phantom of the Universe is a new planetarium show that showcases an exciting exploration of dark matter, from the Big Bang to its anticipated discovery at the Large Hadron Collider. The show reveals the first hints of its existence through the eyes of Fritz Zwicky, the scientist who coined the term ‘dark matter’.