The Hermitage

360 Degree Digital Dome Planetarium


Where science meets entertainment for an unrivalled 360 degree cinematic experience in New Zealand's first full dome, digital Planetarium. See the night sky like never before. Leave Earth, fly to the edge of our galaxy and far beyond to the reaches of our known universe.

The Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre Digital Dome proudly brings you four incredible presentations on the big dome. You'll want to see all of them!

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Infinity Express

Where did it all begin? Is there life outside our own solar system? From the discoveries of early astronomers to today's inventions and man's ambition to explore beyond the Earth's atmosphere, you'll be amazed by dramatic scientific breakthroughs in the quest to understand our universe.

Duration: 22 minutes

Black Holes

'Black Holes' brings to life all that is fascinating and extreme in the world of black holes. Witness what would happen if you got too close to one and see how a black hole is able to warp time and space.

Duration: 30 minutes


Adult Child 4-14 yrs
$20 $10

Price includes unlimited entry per person for a 24hr period to the museum and all theatre shows including Mount Cook Magic in 3D and all Documentaries in 2D.

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