The Hermitage

Theatre Session Times

8.00am Museum Opens
8.30am Infinity Express Planetarium
9.00am Mountain Rescuers Documentary
10.00am Mount Cook Magic 3D
10.30am Hillary On Everest 2D
12.00pm Mount Cook Magic 3D
12.30pm Tyco to the Moon Planetarium
1.00pm Black Holes Planetarium
1.30pm Mount Cook Magic 3D
2.00pm Infinity Express Planetarium
2.30pm Hillary on Everest 2D
4.00pm Mount Cook Magic 3D
4:30pm Mountain Rescuers Documentary
5.30pm Black Holes Planetarium
6.00pm Mount Cook Magic 3D
6.30pm** Tyco to the Moon Planetarium
7.00pm Infinity Express Planetarium
8.00pm Museum Closes

Screening times may vary without notice. Check at the Activities Desk for an up to date schedule

**Please note that the Theatre and Museum closes at 630pm on Sunday nights for private functions.